The Future of Cybersecurity Is the Quantum Random Number Generator

In 1882, a banker in Sacramento, Calif., named Frank Miller developed an absolutely unbreakable encryption method. Nearly 140 years later, cryptographers have yet to come up with something better. Miller had learned about cryptography while serving as a military investigator during the U.S. … Read More

Tomorrow’s Quantum Computers Are Already Threatening Today’s Data

Large-scale quantum computing could be just five years away. It may seem like the plot of a new Terminator movie, but quantum computers from the future are threatening government data today. But before you accuse me of wearing my tinfoil hat … Read More

Hackers find new way of stealing passwords through body heat

Hackers have found a new way to sneak into computers and it’s through our own body heat. Researchers at University of California found a new way of hacking, which is through a person’s own heat left by their fingers. When … Read More

Targeting power grid is too easy, Energy Department says

Energy Secretary Rick Perry warned Monday that the electric grid is easier to attack than ever as he issued a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. “The frequency, scale and sophistication of cyber threats have increased, and attacks have become easier to launch,” … Read More

Hackers take veterinary office’s phone system hostage

CONCORD, N.H. — Investigators are trying to track down whoever has taken a Concord business’ phone lines hostage. The owner of AVC Emergency Veterinary of Manchester and Concord said she is refusing to give in to the hackers, saying that … Read More