Hackers could take over some wireless defibrillators, FDA says

The world’s largest medical device company has acknowledged that many of its implanted cardiac defibrillators use an unencrypted wireless protocol that could allow an attacker to change the settings of the lifesaving devices. The vulnerability affects more than 20 defribillator … Read More

Chinese researchers crack “Unhackable” quantum encryption and reveal method

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Quantum communications systems, and quantum encryption, are supposed to be unhackable, but they aren’t. According to experts, and the pioneering companies looking to commercialise the technology, the greatest promise of quantum communications, such as the … Read More

RSA Conference 2019: BleedingBit Flaws Continue to Plague Firms

BleedingBit’s impact continues to spread across various devices, researchers at RSA Conference 2019 said. UPDATE SAN FRANCISCO – Mobile key platform UniKey has patched vulnerabilities related to the infamous BleedingBit attack in its platform. BleedingBit is an issue in Bluetooth … Read More

RSA Conference 2019: The Sky’s the Limit For Satellite Hacks

Satellites are spotted with vulnerabilities and design flaws – and hackers are taking note, researchers report at the RSA Conference. SAN FRANCISCO – The satellites orbiting the world are rife with vulnerabilities – and as more satellites go up, and … Read More