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Perfect Secrecy for a Post-Quantum World


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True Random Numbers: Beyond Math

The most critical component of the digital OTP application is the use of True Random Numbers (TRNs) to generate encryption keys. 7Tunnels generates TRNs using various random physical processes (including photons impacting a semi-transparent mirror or atmospheric RF noise).

We use TRNG devices that capture the random output from these processes and provide random bytes for our RCPs.  We verify the randomness of the TRN output using Duke University’s Dieharder 3.31.1, NIST Statistical Test Suite SP 800-90B, NIST SP800-22 r1a STS Suite, TectroLabs Bitcount Test, and the Fourmilab ENT program. Using Ubuntu 17.10 running on a Windows 10 VirtualBox, the tests included only raw data without whitening or post processing. The results have consistently proven the entropy (mathematical randomness) of 8-bit bytes is 7.9+, which is the equivalent of “five nines,” or 99.999% random—as close to perfectly random as can be proven.

One-Time Pad: Perfect Secrecy

The one-time pad (OTP, also known as a Vernam System) has been repeatedly demonstrated to be perfectly secure, first—and most prominently—by noted American mathematician Claude Shannon, known as “the father of information theory.” Shannon’s seminal 1949 paper Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems proves that the OTP is unbreakable when used properly.

7Tunnels® Encryption Sequencing

Providing Secure Transmission, Cloud-based Storage and Dissemination of Data
7Tunnels technology extends the use of big data analytics because it is compatible with all digital forms and enables user employment of AI, machine learning, and robotic automation capabilities.

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